Friday, December 24, 2010


Last sunday I was in church taking part in the worship when we sang a song called Saviour King (Hillsong) when this line jumped out at me:

"I give my life to honour this
The love of Christ, the Saviour King"

One of the discussions I love to observe, and occasionally participate in, is the 'what is salvation' or 'what must I do to be saved' debate. There are so many nuances and niceties and scriptures being quoted, the "once saved always saved born again brigade" and "the Lordship salvation gang", the "are you in a relationship with Jesus today" people as well as the "put up your hand, say this prayer and receive Jesus group, lets not forget the 'live like Jesus did" proponents. As each of them speak I see sparks of hope and truth and light as well as all sorts of problems and issues that arise from their particular brand of 'being saved'

The guys at Hillsong were writing a worship song but to my mind they stubbled on what, for me, is a great definition of what it means to 'be saved' or be a 'follower of Jesus' or to be a Christian. It is to be someone who has made a decision to respond to "the love of Christ, the Saviour King". We love, because he first loves us, and we respond in a particular way. The only true response to love is to love ourselves, in other words to give ourselves to that love but to give ourselves in a way that gives honour, honour to the Saviour King.

A life given away to a lover, a life of honour, a life that points all who observe to Jesus - I don't think the process is what matters, the mechanism by which it happens it is the result - a life that honours our Kings gift to us! His gift of Love.