Saturday, September 19, 2009

how we measure?

so I get this call the other day from someone who 'wants to find out more' about my church - apparently the website doesn't satisfy. His opening question - "what is your churches position on the millennium" - Say What????? Why start there? Shouldn't we start with something a little more 'fundamental', like "what is your churches position on Jesus", or the Kingdom, or a million other important issues but no, " what is your churches position on the millennium?" I wonder what the 'correct' position is, and according to whom. Where do you go after you find out what a churches position on the millennium is? By the way the spell checker has given me those nasty red lines EVERY time I have written mellenium er millenium er millennium so far - guess now you know how fundamental I think it is.

I'm sorry or is it just me but asking those questions as an opener really cant be healthy for ongoing discussion. What do you then label the church that believes all the stuff you like but is pre-mill when you think the 'truth' is post or a-mill. Do they still crack the nod?

Please lets get down to the important stuff people!!!